It is not just escort services we offer it's also steamy erotic massage sessions.

We have a few unique and different styles for you to choose from.

So if you like the vision of a sexy Asian woman giving you a full on sensual naked body to body massage in London then we suggest you phone us as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.


A b2b massage in London is a joyful pleasure for both people involved.

You will be asked to lay down on your back where the masseuse will start by giving you a nice and relaxing deep tissue or Thai style massage. 

This is a great way to begin as it really helps relax the body and stretch out those knots that may be tied up in your body.

It also calms your mind as you begin to feel relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings.

body to body massage.jpg

From this point the masseuse will glide her nude body up and down your torso. 

You will feel her breath on your neck, she may even whisper into your ear to heighten the pleasure.

When she asks you to turnover, she will work on your front, with lots of sensual touches and gentle brushes against your testicles.

It will all culminate in a gorgeous Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Malaysian masseuse stroking your erect member to achieve a full on perfect happy ending.


This is a unique sensual therapy that actually starts off like a regular massage session.

However, it's when you are asked to turnover that the erotic side takes over.

The aim of the tantra is to put your mind into a meditative state where, as in a normal meditation, you focus solely on your breathing.

The type of breathing relaxes the muscles and the mind, and will put in the right frame to deal with what happens next.

As you continue to focus on the breath, the masseuse will be getting more sensual and will start massaging and manipulating your genitals and penis.

She will skilfully bring you ever to closer to climax.

If you continue to focus on the breathing you will be able to ride the tantra waves for much longer, increasing the sexual pleasure.

It will also lead you to a very powerful climax which for some leaves the body shaking in orgasmic delight for a few minutes afterwards.

This can of course be followed by a gentle head massage which will help bring you back down from your ecstatic high.

If you are interested in tantric sex with your lovers then this session is the perfect way to prepare and train the body for such events.


The unique erotic experience is a must try.

The ladies at Cute Oriental London are experts in the original Japanese version of nuru.


The process of this session follows the same path as the regular body to body session. 

The only difference being the nuru gel involved, which helps take the erotic feeling to an extra level of enjoyment.

The nuru gel is made from a particular type of seaweed that can be found off the coast of Northern Japan.

What makes this gel very useful as a massage lubricant is the fact that it is an extremely slippery substance.

When the naked masseuse glides up and down your body it helps create a special friction which leaves goosebumps all over your skin.

The ending to the session is very enjoyable too. Imagine a sexy oriental girl staring into your eyes as she stimulates your erect member to an amazing orgasm.

Quite a treat indeed and something you must try.

We promise you we are the best place to try this sensual therapy in the whole of Europe.


This therapy is very similar to what happens during nuru, but using shower gel as the main sensual lubricant instead.

shower gel session.jpg

Having a very beautiful and exotic woman from the Far East sit on top of you with her nude breasts pushing against your naked body is a great feeling.

Participating in a high quality soapy massage in London really is a great way to spend an hour or two.

We have the escorts and masseuses who do it the original way.

There is no need to travel all the way to Tokyo or Bangkok to experience it.

Just give us a phone call today and we will arrange it all for you.

Our clientele tell us on a regular basis that we are one of the best agencies to try when it comes to this sexy soapy style.

Forget the soaplands of Japan, London is where the action is.


Any of the treatments mentioned above can also be done with four hands by two sexy women.

Both women will work together to provide a super synchronised sensational sensual session that will send you to the stars.

Sorry about all the words in that sentence beginning with an 's', we probably got a little carried away, we just want to make sure you understand how joyful these super sexy sessions are.


This is a session that can follow the same process as any of the above but instead of just ending in hand relief can go much further into a realm of pure sexual delight.

The full service session really will make you leave with a smile on your face.

Phone us now to make a booking with your dream girl.

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